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APR 29


2017 Faith Walkers Women's Conference "The gReater Experience"

450 Beecher Rd, Columbus, OH


Per Ticket


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Greater Trailer

Upcoming........ "The Greater Experience"

Conference Trailer

Upcoming......... "The Greater Experience"

The Greater Experience Women's Conference

This is a FREE EVENT and FREE FOOD following.

God is calling the women out to walk them into their "GREATER".

Woman greatness is already inside of you. The Lord is breaking away those things that have tried to hinder you. In order for your oil to flow, you sometimes must go through a shaking, a beating and a pressing. This is not the time to give up but to have faith and trust that God is calling you out.

If you have experienced difficulties in your life, this conference is for you.

If you have been hurt, this conference is for you.

If you have felt lost, this conference is fpr you.

If you have felt burdened down, this conference is for you.

If you are looking for restoration, yes, it is for you.

If you have been church hurt, please come because this is for you.

If you go to Church, we want to see you there.

If you don't go to church, we want you there as well.

All of us have experienced some things in our life and we all are looking for something from God as well. DO NOT let anything or any reason keep you from worshiping with women from different walks of like. This is not a place that you will be judged but loved. Come spend one night with the KING and in the court with your sisters. There is a blessing waiting for you.

Come and be blessed by three WOMEN OF GOD, who will share their FAITH WALK and how GOD brought them to their "GREATER".

This is an experience you DO NOT want to miss!!!!

After your spirit is fed, your natural body will be fed.

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