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About Sister's Of Faith


FOUNDED May 7, 2015.

We are daughters, mothers, sisters, fribblings – friends like siblings, friends, wives, girlfriends, aunts, nieces, grand-somethings and the next door neighbors. We are women with Faith who love, lose, cry, laugh, heal, thrive through prayer and seeking Jesus Christ.

Our MISSION, is through a powerful and anointed out of the box ministry for women, God will use us to transform lives connecting us spiritually as we strengthen each other in faith. We bring together women with different perspectives about Spirituality and Faith in life, so that we grow, encourage and build in Christ Jesus together. Often times we go through things in our lives, and being able to connect with another woman to help us through the process can help us grow and  build up one another. God requires us to reach, teach and build in love. Some will build lasting relationships and connect in a very special way. We urge you to allow the Holy Spirit to nurture the relationships of those you connect with. We are here to support, uplift and build up one another. No one is here to be judged for who they are, what they have done or for what they believe.

Our PURPOSE is to help women in their walk with God, through the development of a spiritual sisterhood. We will fellowship, pray and study together. We will also Learn and grow together. We are all walking different paths, headed towards the same destination. It is not about the culture of where you came from but how our cultural background will help us grow. It is not about being separated because of denominational differences but learning how to inter-weave ourselves so that we are women bonded inter-denominationally. The connection of God will allow us to grow together and be there for our sister the way God desires.

Sisters Of Faith Women's Ministry focus on the need of sisterhood and in areas that our women are lacking. Women endure a lot of things and at times we  internalize what we are going through because we have no one to talk to. With no focus on denomination and with the nurturing spirit, Sisters Of Faith inspire women to be rooted and built up in Christ Jesus. Sisters Of Faith is an organization of women that help and encourage women on their journey with God. We are very committed to helping women grow and be the best women that God created us to be. We do not look at the measure of responsibility that God has given us. Sisters Of Faith sees a need and do as God calls us to do. 

 The Visionary LaQwonna "Lady Q" Glaster, enocourages each woman to move as the Spirit in them moves.

Our Team

About the Visionnaire & Founder

LaQwonna Glaster

Evangelist & INTERCESSOR 

  Evangelist LaQwonna Glaster is the wife of Pastor Travis Glaster. They have 5 children, 2 girls and 3 boys and 1 granddaughter. LaQwonna was born in Columbus, OH and raised in San Diego, CA. She is the 3rd cousin to the late Martin Luther King Jr. Though she stands on the shoulders of a great man she prays that she leaves a legacy for those after her, giving them room to stand on her shoulders. 

As a young child LaQwonna came from a life of brokenness but God has taken those pieces and mended them, anointing her to be the woman He has called her to be today. While God has given her beauty for her ashes, He placed in her spirit a strong desire to encourage other women. She has a passion to minister to the whole person by sharing Gods Word and her personal testimony. 

    LaQwonna is true to whom God has anointed and called her to be and is very transparent about whom she is. The Lord lead her to start Sisters Of Faith Women's Ministry when she realized that there was a need for a sisterhood that our women were lacking. She is focused on DELIVERANCE & RESTORATION for Gods daughters, a God standard and moral standards of young ladies and women.God is using LaQwonna to transform the lives of women by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead in every connection with each young lady and woman she speaks to. She is very committed to helping women grow and be the best woman that God created them to be. She does not look at the measure of responsibility that God has given her, she sees a need and do as God calls her to do.

    LaQwonna has been mentoring young ladies and women for more than twenty years. She has a passion to help women grow, know their worth in Christ Jesus and see the true beauty in who they really are. God has anointed her with the gift of leadership, which she uses to teach young ladies and women how to be women of virtue. LaQwonna mentors women on topics such as womanhood, motherhood, being a wife, marriage, relationships, family, faith and spiritual growth.

     LaQwonna, puts God first in her life then her family and friends. She is a wife to the Promise that God brought to her. Her husband, Minister Travis D. Glaster supports her and through his prayers and keeps her covered. With God first, they keep one another balanced. LaQwonna & Travis have a blended family of 5 wonderful children, 2 girls and 3 boys. 

    LaQwonna enjoys engaging and nurturing the relationships with her children. She and Travis believe in "The Village" mentality, because it takes a village to raise children. They believe that their children can learn from them as well as others to help them grow and be the best person they can be so that they are able to engage with society and different cultures of people.

  LaQwonna has numerous gifts, which include Organization, Cooking, Praise Dancing, Painting and Spoken Word. She has used these gifts to organize Church events, Crusades, restructure and help churches organize their leadership department and be a Youth Ministry Leader ministering to the churched and the unchurched.

Shake The Dust Off

Isaiah 52:2 says Shake yourself from the dust, arise; sit down, O Jerusalem! Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck, O Captive daughter of Zion!

You are not meant to sit in the dirt of your sins but to be seated with the Lord.He has given you the authority to be loosed from all things that have kept you bound. 

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